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Goats - Different Managements and Uses

Goats are bred and maintained for a variety of uses, including meat, dairy, and fiber production; biotechnology; harness/hiking/packing; brush control/forage management; and companion/pets. 


Marvin Shurley - President AMGA - Dry Lot Management

Marvin Shurley - President AMGA - Pasture Management

Boers - Dry Lot and Pasture managements - Texas

Photo Courtesy of Dr. Jeanne Dietz-Band - Many Rocks Farm -  Maryland - Kiko Goats

Kiko and Kiko Crosses - Maryland

Courtesy Coach Farm Courtesy Coach Farm
Courtesy Coach Farm

Dairy Goats

Fiber Goats

Photo Courtesey of Carolyn Eddy - Harness Goats Photo Courtesy of Carolyn Eddy - Pack Goats

Harness and Pack Goats


Photo Courtesy of Warren Barnes - Missouri - Kiko Goats

Brush Control/Forage Management


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