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ID Methods Currently Used In Goats

Tail Tattoo

Ear Tattoo


Ear Tag Ear Tag
Samples of tags being used currently in sheep and goats.
Click Here for Scrapie Program Approved Tag Info

Infection from some types of tags


Photo courtesy Coach Farms

Neck Tags - not permanent but helpful for herd management
Microchip Ear Microchip Tail
  (This is known as the caudal area).
For goats, the distal portion
(the end of the tail) is being
recommended, to avoid the
area where tattoos may be.

Read more about microchips here.



Photo courtesy of Goat's Leap - Quixote LaManchas

These are LaMancha dairy goats.  Note the very small ears which would make tag
application very difficult.

LaManchas are tattooed in the tail area (see top left picture).
Photo courtesy of Goat's Leap - Quixote LaManchas

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