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Most frequently asked question:

What kind of ID will be required for goats in the NAIS?

The Goat Working Group is recommending that the current forms of identification used in the Scrapie program be accepted for goats in the NAIS.  That includes these optional forms of identification:  official scrapie tags; or tattoos (legible individual registry tattoos issued by breed associations may also be used as official identification when the animal is accompanied by its registration certificate listing the tattoo); or electronic ID (if your goat breed registry recognizes electronic microchips as an authorized form of ID and the microchip number is recorded on the registration certificate, then electronic ID is acceptable. You must also have your registration certificate (or a copy of it) or a health certificate which includes the microchip number that matches the one on the registration certificate. Further, you must take your own reader unless one is provided by the show).

The Goat Working Group will need to identify during which types of movements these forms of identification would be acceptable.

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Are scrapie flock numbers the same as the new premises ID numbers (PIN)?

No.  They are different numbers.  Here is an explanation as to what is happening currently:

The scrapie program has developed a data cleansing tool that will allow States to combine duplicate premises records within the scrapie database, query the national premises allocator to pull in existing national premises ID numbers, and assign national premises ID numbers to those scrapie premises that do not currently have a premises ID number. If desired by a state, it can  either provide a list of premises for automatic upload into the state premises system or for purposes of developing a mailing list to send a state registration form to producers to complete and return on a voluntary basis.

This means states have the option of allowing individuals currently listed with the scrapie program to (1) to be assigned national premises IDs in the scrapie database without registering the premises with the state premises system, (2) to be automatically assigned national premises ID numbers in the scrapie database and be registered with the state premises system, or (3) to just clean up the duplicates, pull in existing national premises ID numbers and develop a mailing list to send a state registration form to producers so they can register. (Note: Those that do not have a national premises ID number in the scrapie database will not be able to get the new RFID scrapie program approved tags).

 It is a state's/producer's rights issue, and the States can individually decide, based on input from their producers, which route they want to take. Initially the tool set up for accomplishing this will be piloted by a few states to work out any problems.

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