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"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

NAIS Goat Working Group Committee Members

The NAIS Goat Working Group consists of volunteers who have accepted the responsibility to work on behalf of the goat industry to develop and recommend methods of identification to use for goats, within the standards of the NAIS.  For information on the committee's responsibilities and constraints, please see the
 Working Group Guidelines. 


Linda S. Campbell, Chair
Barry Arnett    
Jan Carlson Jeff Ramseyer
Bonnie Chandler Joe David Ross
Charles M. Christensen Joan Dean Rowe
Bennie Cox Lisa Shepard
Rene' De Leeuw Marvin F. Shurley
Carolyn Eddy Diane L. Sutton*
Ray Hoyt Robert Swize
David Morris* Cindy Wolf
Stan Potratz Linda Worley
*USDA/APHIS Advisor Representative


Linda Campbell:
Khimaira Farm
Luray VA 
A producer of all breeds of dairy goats, several meat goat breeds, and smaller number of fiber goats for 35+years.  Active in leadership in many goat organizations including the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA):  Past President,  Government & International Liaison, and a member of the Board of Directors since 1982.   Co-founder of
state and local goat associations and the U.S. Goat Council, currently in development.  Operated commercial goat dairy producing milk for cheese production.  Past Chair of the National Sheep Industry Improvement Center.  Chair, Virginia Soil and Water Conservation Board, Shenandoah Valley Resource, Conservation and Development Council and officer for local Chamber of Commerce and other community groups.  Active with goat industry on local, state, regional, national and international levels.  Currently serving on Virginia ID Task Force and national Advisory Committee on Foreign Animal and Poultry Diseases Subcommittee for the National Animal Identification System.
Barry Arnett:
Sharpe Farm
Williamsburg, KY 
 We  are primarily a Kiko meat goat operation but sell some breeding stock . We believe in using science in farming so we gather and use quite a bit of performance data on our goats .
Jan Carlson
UC Davis Goat Teaching & Research Facility
Davis, CA 
Bennie Cox: Sheep and goat sale manager at Producers Livestock Auction Co. in San Angelo, Texas and also raises and sells sheep and goats. Producers is a commercial livestock auction. Last year over 404,000 head of sheep and goats sold through the auction as well as several thousand head private treaty. 51% of the sales last year were goats. Our consignors encompass all types of sheep and goat operators, from the small operators and registered breeder, to the ranches with 5000 or more head.
Bonnie Chandler
American Goat Society (AGS)
Bonnie lives in Harvard, MA, with Nigerian dwarf goats, sheep, chickens, dogs, and a cat. She is a member of AGS, ADGA, ANDDA, and NENDA, as well as several dog organizations, and competes with her goats and dogs. She is also a freelance newspaper reporter.
Charles Christensen: General manager of Producers Livestock Auction Co. in San Angelo, Texas. Also manage several ranches in the San Angelo area. Also a member of the NAIS market and processors working group and participating in a cattle ID pilot project. 
Rene DeLeeuw
White Plains NY
Carolyn Eddy: Got involved with goats as pack stock around 1993 and having been raising and selling pack stock ever since. Publisher of Goat Tracks magazine-Journal of the Working Goat, which also includes information about harness goats. I have also written a couple of books, "Practical Goatpacking" and "Diet For Wethers", a nutrition book for male goats. I am about to release "First Aid for Goats", primarily aimed toward those who use their goats for packstock or where access to veterinarians is very difficult or non-existent .
Ray Hoyt
Minden, Nevada  
NAIS Coordinator/National Pygmy Goat Association. Just
completed six years on the Board of Directors of the National Pygmy Goat Association.  During those six years,  served two years as its Secretary, and three years as its Vice President, now named as  NAIS Coordinator.  NPGA’s membership approximates 1900 members across the United States.  Family raises small herd of pygmy goats. President of the Silver State Pygmy Goat Association, a non-profit Nevada corporation, with 108 member families from all over the United States and member of 9 other local pygmy goat organizations.
Stan Potratz
Producer/Premier Supplies
Washington IA
Jeff Ramseyer
Producer/U.S. Goat Producers Cooperative
Joe David Ross
Sonora TX
Joan Dean Rowe,  DVM
Department of Population Health & Reproduction
School of Veterinary Medicine
Davis, CA 
Lisa Shepard:  Seedstock/Hobby Breeder; 4H Resource Leader; California Dairy Goat Advisory Committee (DHI); National Saanen Breeders Association, Officer; Contracted by the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA) to provide coordination of Performance Programs
Marvin Shurley: A 4th generation rancher in the Edwards Plateau area of Texas where his family has been involved in ranching including goat production for over 90 years; livestock owner since the age of 14 starting with a gift of Angus cattle from his grandfather; involved in meat goat production as his primary ranch enterprise since 1990.  He has been a TS&GRA and AMGA. and ABGA  member.  Served on the board of directors of the American Meat Goat Association (AMGA) since 1996, currently President. Serves on Livestock Advisory Committee for the State Fair of Texas, as well as numerous other goat industry related committees.  He is well involved in on-going efforts to develop better inter-association relationships between the various goat breed associations and registries; worked for years towards guiding legislative affairs affecting the U.S. goat industry; a pro-active supporter of cooperative efforts between all goat associations and the American sheep industry and it’s representative organizations. Recognized as one of the current figureheads in the U.S. goat industry, both nationally and internationally; constantly working towards protecting the interest of all U.S. agricultural producers regardless of what commodity they produce, as well as promoting the meat goat industry. His feelings towards American agriculture can best be summed up by a quote Benjamin Franklin made at the signing of our Declaration of Independence, “We must all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”
Diane L. Sutton
National Scrapie Program Coordinator
Riverdale, MD
Robert Swize
American Boer Goat Association
San Angelo TX 
Cindy Wolf, DVM
Chair, Sheep Working Group 
Producer/University of Minnesota
Rushford, MN
Linda WorleyA small producer with a herd of registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goats that I show, breed, and milk. I do not officially represent any organization, although I do communicate with several in which I am a member.

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