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 Working Group Guidelines

The following are the guidelines that were provided to the various NAIS Working Groups, under which our group operates:

National Animal Identification System (NAIS)

Working Group Guidelines

October 20, 2004



The role of the United States Animal Identification Plan (USAIP) Working Groups continues, although they are now designated as NAIS Working Groups.   Their goal is to continue to advance the NAIS through the development of more precise transition, implementation, and continuity planning consistent with the established national standards originally contained in the USAIP.  These plans have been submitted to the NAIS Subcommittee of the Secretary's Advisory Committee on Foreign Animal and Poultry Diseases (NAIS Subcommittee) for review and inclusion as recommendations to the Advisory Committee.




The NAIS Working Groups will focus their attention on issues directed to them by the NAIS Subcommittee or address other issues they feel require further clarification or refinement that will assist implementation of NAIS.  They will utilize current NAIS documents and the USAIP Version 4.1 as a guide.  Implementation plans are to support the ability to achieve the 48-hour traceback objective. 

Industry groups that do not have implementations plans are encouraged to form a Working Group and provide a plan for their segment of the industry. 

It is essential that NAIS Working Group members have a high level of understanding of standards already established in the USAIP which are now being incorporated into the NAIS Plan.  Such standards (listed in the Addendum) are to remain incorporated in the NAIS Plan as each industry segment further refines the details required for implementation in all sectors.

 Note:  Issues that are a common concern among all livestock sectors will be addressed by Working Groups devoted to those issues under the direction of the NAIS Subcommittee of the Secretary's Advisory Committee on Foreign Animal and Poultry Diseases.  These issues are described under "Common Issues".  Input from each Working Group on these issues is appropriate.  However, they alone will not determine the final protocols as all recommendations need to be reviewed and consolidated.




Each NAIS Working Group should provide written recommendations that address the following points:

  1. Implementation Time Table based on the overall implementation Time Table established by the NAIS Advisory Subcommittee:

Prepare and finalize a phased-in plan to achieve 48-hour traceback capability. Within the phases, define populations or classes of livestock that need to be identified, i.e., breeding animals, meat producing animals, companion/recreational animals, etc.; what events/activities in various scenarios will require official identification.  Establish realistic dates for each major milestone. 

  1. Identification Methods and Devices

Working Groups should list official identification methods that support 48 hour traceback in the industry segment and the devices that can be used effectively and affordably.  They should describe when and under what conditions individual animal identification is required and when group/lot identification is appropriate within the guidelines of the USAIP.

 Working Groups should provide recommendations for the preferred identification device distribution system.  The system should ensure producer needs are adequately met while providing a cost effective plan with high data integrity. We recognize that many identification devices and their distribution may be relevant to a single species while other issues will have a common thread among all species.  Recommendations that are species specific will become a part of the species section of the NAIS, while recommendations concerning issues common to many species will be consolidated as a "common issue" across species.  

  1. Event Protocols

Establish procedures or ground rules that can be used by the producers in your particular sector to facilitate the recording and/or reporting of data for the primary events/activities, such as:

a.      interstate movement (when ownership changes and when it does not)

b.      intrastate movement (when ownership changes and when it does not)

c.      movement to/from exhibition

d.      movements between premises with retained ownership

e.      others events the Working Group defines 

  1. Financial Support

Develop recommendations regarding how cost-sharing can be most effectively implemented within your sector to advance NAIS.  You should consider what particular costs should be born by the government to initiate startup and what costs your industry sector is willing to bear for the longer term implementation of NAIS.


  1. Definitions

Add the definitions of any terms that need to be included or clarified to support needs of industry represented by the Working Group.





Recognition of Established Standards

Plans must adhere to basic standards already recognized in the NAIS Plan.  Specifically, this means that the following standards have been adopted from the prior USAIP and have undergone extensive review throughout the USAIP planning and development process by all interested stakeholders and have now been incorporated into the NAIS Plan and should not be changed:


1.         Standards

a.             Premises Identification

i.               Basic premises definition

ii.             Numbering convention

iii.            Required data fields for contact information

b.            Individual Animal Identification

i.               Animal Identification Number (AIN)

ii.             Required data fields

c.             Group/Lot identification

i.               Numbering system

ii.             Required information

d.            Participant Identification

i.               Data element requirements

ii.             Information system

e.             State information system structure

f.              Premises allocator

g.             AIN allocation mechanism

h.             Data flow to National system


Common Issues


Some parts of the USAIP have raised issues that are commonly shared among all species groups and must now be resolved under the NAIS Plan.   These issues will be addressed by the NAIS Working Groups under the direction of the NAIS Subcommittee of the Secretary's Advisory Committee on Foreign Animal and Poultry Diseases.  These issues include the following: 

1.         Official Identification devices

a.         Ordering/procurement/distribution

b.         Enforcement

c.         Oversight

d.         Lost identification

e.         Performance

2.         Recording/reporting requirements

3.         Security/confidentiality

4.         Funding

5.         Oversight

6.         Individual versus Group/Lot identification

7.         Guidelines for establishing premises identification

8.         Minimum requirements for States

9.         Clarify role of State animal health officials


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