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"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.


Welcome to an information site about Goat Identification as it relates to the National Animal Identification System.
The Goat Working Group is comprised of volunteers representing the major sectors within the U.S. goat industry and is charged by USDA with developing a viable plan for permanent identification for goats and addressing other species-specific components related to the NAIS.  The Working Group will provide recommendations to the NAIS Advisory Subcommittee which is then forwarded through the  Secretary's Advisory Committee on Foreign Animal and Poultry Diseases to the Secretary of Agriculture.  USDA is looking for direction from the grassroots on how NAIS could achieve its goals with the opportunity to offer suggestions on benchmarks that would provide incremental progress towards the ultimate 48-hour traceback objective.

So, the purpose of this Goat Working Group website is to:
bullet Increase goat owners' awareness of the National Animal Identification System
bullet Keep owners updated on the Working Group activities
bullet Provide owners an opportunity to give input into the development of a national Goat ID plan
bullet Help keep owners aware of current information with regard to NAIS 
bullet Make information available for state health officials and others interested in goat identification


Go Here to see the PowerPoint slide show: National Scrapie Eradication Progoram -Goat Identification: Visual and Electronic Identification" (Click on Eradicate Scrapie)
Go Here to see a bullet point summary of the Working Group's beginning work process
Go Here to see April 2006 Report
Go Here to see August 2006 Report

Go Here for USDA Information Site for NAIS
Go Here for SheepandGoatID website


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This site is a public service project developed and maintained by volunteers - members of the NAIS Goat Working Group.
Information about NAIS will be provided as available from USDA.
Please visit the USDA/NAIS  website for additional program  information.

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